Forms in Nature and the interior beauty of the hard stones inspire me. I mainly focus on abstract forms in hard stone. I combine natural river rounded forms and carving areas that compliment and put a sense of motion into the existing form. I carve to create contrasts of rough organic surfaces to highly polished surfaces that show the interior beauty of the stone. Most people like to see what is inside a rough old stone. By carving and polishing the surfaces I expose the nature of the stone and the minerals that have combined to form that stone, this provides a window to see into the interior of that stone. I especially like dunite with its golden rind and light green interior provides a striking contrast.

My ideas come from conscious, and some subconscious, mental images from my experiences. For the most part, I direct carve by drawing on the stone otherwise I sketch out designs in a journal and use them later. Sometimes, while polishing, to refine designs I write notes on the outer wall of my carving cubicle. During the sanding and polishing process on a hard stone I have ample time to refine ideas and if the stone is jade I have extra time.

The people and their compliments, when viewing my sculpture, planters, and vases also inspire me.

Pat Barton | Sculptor/Artist/Craftsman | Studio & Workshop | (425)-643-0756 | pat@bartonstonework.com