Nooksack Flora is carved from the stone Dunite, a stone that is made-up of 95% olivine, a mineral. Dunite is from the upper mantle and was pushed to the surface by plate tectonics. It is a hard stone that I work with wet diamond tools.

Statement specific to entry: 'Nooksack Flora' is from a very uniform elongated dunite river cobble and I found myself carving long fanning forms that flowed up and over the shoulder with a single concave polished line. And once it crossed over I left the fret cuts on each side of the single line. Again, it’s very 3D and mounted to be able to rotate. As you walk around the piece try to anticipate what is just out of sight.

DUNITE (Olivine) on Basalt base, 23"h x 12"w x 9" d, $3,000

Pat Barton | Sculptor/Artist/Craftsman | Studio & Workshop | (425)-643-0756